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NHS Sight Tests

We offer free NHS sight tests to those who are eligible, including children. All you need to do is sign a form which we will provide for you. If possible, please bring along evidence that you are entitled to a free NHS sight test.


All our sight tests include a check of your prescription and the health of your eyes and eyelids, as well checks for specific conditions such as Glaucoma, where appropriate. We are proud to include retinal photographs at no extra charge, allowing us to see changes in the eye and detect any problems as early as possible. 

A key part of our service is that we will take the time to properly explain the results of your sight test. 


We can also offer an OCT 3D Retinal Scan for an additional charge of £15. This is particularly beneficial for patients at risk of Glaucoma or Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). Please ask the optometrist doing your sight test whether this would be beneficial for you.


The NHS also provides a voucher towards the cost of glasses to those groups marked with an asterisk in the list below.


The NHS provides free sight tests for the following groups of people:

  • Children under 16 *
  • Students in full time education aged under 19 *
  • Anyone aged over 60 
  • Anyone receiving:
    • Income Related Jobseekers Allowance *
    • Income Related Employment and Support Allowance *
    • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit *
    • Income Support *
    • Universal Credit *
  • Anyone holding:
    • a Tax Credit Exemption Certificate (please bring in your award letter to see whether you are eligible, as not everyone who recieves tax credits will be) *
    • a valid HC2 certificate *
  • Anyone registered as Blind (Severely Sight Impaired) or Partially Sighted (Sight Impaired)
  • Anyone diagnosed with Diabetes or Glaucoma
  • Anyone who is aged over 40 AND has a child, parent, brother or sister with Glaucoma 
  • Anyone informed by an eye specialist that they are at risk of developing Glaucoma
  • Anyone who needs Complex Lenses (some types of  strong lenses) *
  • Prisoners on leave from prison *

Other patients on low incomes may apply for help towards their sight test by using an HC1 form. We are happy to advise you about this and can provide you with a form at reception. 

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