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Digital Retinal Photographs

At Taylors Optometrists we have provided free Digital Retinal Photographs as part of our routine sight tests since 1999. These Digital Retinal Photographs allow you to see what we can see at the back of the eye. They enable us to make detailed comparisons of changes in your eyes over time, ensuring we deliver the best possible care to you. This is particularly useful in the early detection of Glaucoma, macular disease and tumours which are treated more effectively the earlier they are discovered. 

Retinal photograph of a normal eye Retinal photograph of a normal eye

Here is an example of the changes that can be seen over 3 years: 

You can see in the photographs above that the loop in the blood vessel in the centre of the image gets narrower over time - a strong indicator of early Glaucoma. This would be almost impossible to detect without being able to compare the most recent photograph with the ones that we have on record from previous sight tests.

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