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Noctura Sleep Masks

Noctura 400 sleep masks are a new at-home light treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy. It is now undergoing clinical trials in the NHS but early results show that some patients can achieve impressive results from sleeping with a Noctura 400 mask. Noctura 400 is fully safety tested and is CE certified, meaning that the monitored treatment can currently be sold privately.

Much of the damage done to the retina by diabetes is caused by lack of oxygen supply to the retina. This treatment involves wearing a mask whilst sleeping to reduce the oxygen demand in the retina. This then stops new weak blood vessels from forming and then bleeding causing oedema.


Taylors Optometrists are one of the few carefully selected Noctura 400 providers in the country. The process involves an eye examination and provision of a mask every 12 weeks. The cost for this treatment is £250 for each examination and mask.


For more information on Noctura 400 please contact us and ask to speak to Lyndon Taylor or visit www.noctura.com or contact the Noctura Advisory Line on 01740 669 143.


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