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COVID-19 update

Updated 05/01/2021

This page will be updated frequently during this period.

Please check back regularly.


Following the Goverment announcement of a full lockdown last night we would like to re-assure patients that we remain open for urgent, essential and routine eyecare as we have throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. We have the required measures inplace to protect patient and staff. We will continue to review national guidance and update our policys and procedures as required. 


If you feel your vision has changed, if you need new spectacles, or have any other concerns, please get in touch now to arrange an appointment.

We are continuing to prioritise essential and urgent eyecare over routine appointments at present, as per the national guidance. 


Hearing care will also be resuming. Getting your hearing tested remains free and has never been simpler. Aids are more affordable than ever and can be virtually invisible. Give us a call to arrange your Hearing Assessment. 

We have made lots of adaptations to the practice to keep you safe


What changes are we making?

  • We are using PPE (Masks, aprons, visors and gloves) where appropriate
  • We have installed Perspex screens at the reception desk and in the dispensing area
  • We have increased the length of our appointments to allow time reduce the number of people in the practice at one time
  • All care, including minor adjustments and repairs will be by appointment only; please give us a call to arrange anything you may need
  • Seats are arranged to be compliant with social distancing
  • We have increased appotinemtnt imes to limit the number sof people in the practice at one time. 
  • We are now advising all patients have an OCT scan of their retina at the same time as their sight test. This is a "3D" scan of the retina and optic nerve which helps us to detect many conditions including Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration at an earlier stage. In addition to this, it allows us to conduct more of the examination at a distance, which is safer for you and us. The cost of this is included in our private sight test fee of £45 and for NHS eligible patients the cost is only £15

What we are asking you to do?

  • When you arrive, the door may be locked as we are limiting the number of people in the practice at one time; please knock and wait for the door to be answered
  • Once in the practice, please use the hand sanitiser and take a seat while the staff prepare for your appointment
  • We are asking patients to attend alone if possible, to reduce numbers of patients in the practice
  • You are welcome to try on any frames, as usual, but we will ask you to set aside any you do touch for sterilising afterwards


We ask that when attending for appointments you try to attend alone. If you are attending with anyone else, we ask that, if possible, they stay in a vehicle outside the practice until needed. 


If you are unable to get into the practice due to self-isolation but require replacement spectacles or have a concern about your vision please phone for a telephone consultation as the College of Optometrists, General Optical Council and NHS have relaxed regulations to allow us to do more to help. 


We really appreciate your ongoing support. 


Andrew Riley, BSc, FCOptom

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