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COVID-19 update

Updated 24/03/2020 

This page will be updated frequently during this period.

Please check back regularly.


At Taylors, as always, your health, eyecare and vision are our priority. I hope you and your family are keeping well and safe. Nobody knows what the next few months will bring but I wanted to update you on what we are doing to ensure we can continue to take care of our patients.


We are currently following all national guidance issued to the profession.  As of 24/3/2020 we have ceased all routine examinations, however we intend to continue to be available to see patients for essential and urgent care.


  • Essential eye care would be, for instance, where a person needs a sight test and new spectacle prescription because their vision has altered, where they have broken their glasses, where a contact lens wearer needs more lenses, or where a visually impaired person or child needs eye care. 


Essential eyecare is delivered either through the NHS to those eligible or privately for those not eligible. Eligibility criteria are available here: https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/help-with-health-costs/free-nhs-eye-tests-and-optical-vouchers/


  • Urgent care would include urgent clinical advice or intervention e.g. for red eye, a painful eye, sticky eye, contact lens discomfort, foreign object, sudden change in vision, flashes and floaters which might suggest retinal detachment, or any other sudden change in vision or eye health.


If your GP is in Cheshire West and Chester (this includes areas such as Tarporley and Tarvin), you can access these services free of charge. If not, there is a charge of £60 for emergency eye care appointments.


We are hoping that the government extend this service in West Cheshire to all patients during this period so that all patients can benefit from this service free at the point of access. 


During this period, we will be using telephone triage to prioritise appointments and will come into the practice to see patients as needed.


All visits to the practice will be by prior arrangement by appointment only. The doors will be locked on arrival - please knock or call the number on the door.


If you are having problems with your vision, have lost your glasses, or any other situation where you need our help, then please get in touch.  We will do everything possible to ensure we are here to take care of you.


We ask that when attending for appointments you try to attend alone. If you are attending with anyone else, we ask that, if possible, they stay in a vehicle outside the practice until needed. 


If you have spectacles or contact lenses to collect, please give us a call on the usual number 01606 551093.


If you are unable to get into the practice due to self-isolation but require replacement spectacles or have a concern about your vision please phone for a telephone consultation as the College of Optometrists, General Optical Council and NHS have relaxed regulations to allow us to do more to help. 


As I am sure that you are aware, small business like ours are under great pressure during this time, and we really appreciate your ongoing support. 


Andrew Riley, BSc, FCOptom

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